Cashmere Knit Watch

Cashmere Knit Watch
This knit hat has a strong casual image,
As the name suggests, this knit is made of 100% cashmere.
Not only is it soft to the touch, but it's also warm as expected from cashmere quality!

Available in 3 colors that are easy to use for fall and winter coordination.

Oatmeal is easy to use for one-tone outfits in the fall and winter, and makes your complexion look brighter.

Gray is an elegant cashmere without being too casual.
A color that can be used daily.

I think most people have at least one black knit.
Since it's a classic black, why not make a difference with the material?

The trick to wearing it is to cover your forehead and hairline.
Wear it so that it hangs slightly back for a more mature look.
And the tail of the hair and accessories make it a focal point.
She's cute even with her hair down,
It’s cute even if you keep it inside casually ♥

It's a knit hat, but it can be worn beautifully by adults.
Cashmere Knit Watch.
You can also pair it with down jackets or sweatshirts for an elegant look.

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