Differences in the Paper Blade series

Paper  Bladeシリーズの違い
The Paper Blade series is marihoja's signature summer hat.
As the name suggests, it is made by sewing a braided piece of paper into the shape of a hat.
Size adjustment is possible! It can be folded! It's hard to fly even on a bicycle!
Because of this point, it has been well received every year by people of all ages.
I would like to tell you about the differences in the popular Paper Blade series.
First, the Paper Blade Hat is the simplest and recommended for hat beginners.
The centerfold, which is a standard hat, is embossed, so
The shape is easy for anyone to wear.
There is a wire in the tip of the brim, so you can create any undulations.
Vintage and popular lace knitting with cute shadows,
Protect your head from the sun,
Raffia Paper Mix Tulip Hat.
Vintage hats are cute, but they tend to break and are difficult to handle...
But I want the cuteness of the shadows and the cuteness of the fringe!
Raffia Paper Mix Hat is recommended for those who like this.
The top part was originally tulip-shaped, but
You can adjust the height and center fold by yourself.
We also recommend coordinating it with a swimsuit at the beach.
Of all marihoja hats, this one probably protects you from the sun the most.
Paper Blade Down Brim Hat.
The down brim that I'm in the mood for this year has a lowered brim, so
Protects your face from the sun.
Recommended for hiding without makeup!
The curled brim is lowered only in the front,
You can lower only the back, lower the whole thing,
You can wear it however you like.
By lowering the brim at the back, you can rest assured that the back of your neck is prone to sunburn.
Did you find your favorite hat?
If you have any questions, please contact order@marihoja.com ♡

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