Borga Colorful Basket 14


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Borga Colorful Basket 14
Borga Colorful Basket 14
A cute basket with a colorful pattern.
The handle is wrapped in leather,
Even if you wear it on your arm, it won't leave marks or cause pain.
A basket bag that is easy to use on a daily basis.
Recommended for simple coordination.
Size: Approximately H21cmxW30cm Bottom diameter 12cm
(There are considerable individual differences.)
Material: Aquatic plant (elephant grass) leather
*This product is a handmade folk craft, so
There may be some errors or places where the construction is rough compared to Japanese products.
Please enjoy it as a taste of folk crafts.
Because it is made by knitting with aquatic plants, there may be some popping out due to the nature of natural materials.
Please handle with care to avoid damaging your clothes or skin.
Please be careful not to get it wet, color transfer, or fading.
Borga Colorful Basket 14
Borga Colorful Basket 14