Borga Basket


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Borga  Basket
Borga  Basket
Borga  Basket

A handbag-sized Burkina Faso basket.
A cool and elegant basket bag with lace knitting.
The handle is wrapped in leather,
This basket bag is easy to use on a daily basis as it won't leave marks or cause pain when worn on your arm.

We also recommend coordinating with an inner bag (sold separately) .

Size: Approximately 24cm x 35cm Bottom diameter approximately 13cm
There are considerable individual differences in size.

Material: Elephant grass (aquatic plant) The handle is wrapped in goat leather.

*This product is a handmade folk craft, so
There may be some errors or places where the construction is rougher than Japanese products.
Please enjoy the taste of this folk craft.
Since the handle is wrapped in leather, it may have a distinctive leather smell when new.
The smell will disappear as you use it.

Because it is made by knitting with aquatic plants, there may be some popping out due to the nature of natural materials.
Please handle with care to avoid damaging your clothes or skin.
Please be careful not to get it wet, color transfer, or fading.

Borga  Basket
Borga  Basket
Borga  Basket