Mercado Bag Lita 12


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Mercado Bag Lita 12
Mercado Bag Lita 12

Mercado bag arrived from Mexico.
It means "market bag" in Spanish, and it is a bag that is commonly used when shopping at authentic Mexican markets.

Made of woven plastic string, it is durable and washable.

Although this size is mini size, it can hold a small wallet, lipstick, cell phone, etc.
It can also be used as a Bag in Bag with a larger Mercado bag.

Size: H15cm W15cm Depth 8cm Handle length 25cm

Material: plastic

*This product is a handmade folk craft, so
There may be some errors or places where the construction is rough compared to Japanese products.
Please enjoy them as a taste of folk crafts.

Mercado Bag Lita 12
Mercado Bag Lita 12