Oaxaca Basket Flat S 7


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Oaxaca baskets are handmade in Oaxaca, one by one, and are Mexican folk crafts with distinctive colorful patterns.
Passed down by the Zapotec people who have lived in Oaxaca since ancient Mexican times,
It is still made using the same manufacturing methods as in the past, except for the color.

You can put your favorite things in it and use it for storage, or decorate it as interior decoration.
There are various ways to use it.

Size: Approximately 20cm in diameter
As each item is a handmade folk art item, there may be considerable individual differences.
We will be introducing each item one by one on Instagram Live, so please take a look.

*This product is a Mexican folk art.
Compared to Japanese products, there may be some parts that are sloppily made.
Please enjoy them as a taste of folk crafts.