How to fold a hat

Marihoja's Summer Hats include the Paper Blade series and Weave Raffia series.
It can be folded and carried.
Even on days when the sun is strong during the day, your hat can get in the way in the evening.
When you go out with your child, the hat may get in the way due to luggage or carrying them.
Hats, which are essential in the summer, can also become luggage depending on the situation...
It's very convenient to keep it in your bag at times like this.
However, it takes a bit of courage to fold something that has a shape.
In order to use it neatly for a long time, we will tell you the key points on how to fold it.
First, flatten it in half along the top crease.
Once flattened, roll it up from the edge.
If you make it smaller with the image of rolling it up rather than folding it,
It becomes smaller and neater without creases.
Foldable hats can also get creases and wrinkles if left as is for a long time.
This may cause the product to lose its shape, so please be sure to
We recommend that you spread it out neatly and place it on a flat surface.
The material gradually becomes softer and familiar, and the color gradually deepens as it is exposed to sunlight.
This is a hat that fits your size and allows you to enjoy deterioration over time.
I hope you enjoy it for a long time.

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