About delivery methods and shipping charges

The shipping method will be automatically selected depending on the size of the item you purchased.
If you would like to specify a time or date, please note this in the notes section, as only Sagawa Express will be able to do so.
If it is click post, we will change the amount and contact you.

Even in the case of Click Post, it is possible to change to Sagawa Express, which has a tracking guarantee.
Please contact us if you are interested.

Sagawa Express

Sagawa Express nationwide shipping

Yamagata Prefecture / Fukushima Prefecture / Ibaraki Prefecture / Tochigi Prefecture / Gunma Prefecture / Chiba Prefecture / Tokyo / Kanagawa Prefecture / Saitama Prefecture / Niigata Prefecture / Fukui Prefecture / Ishikawa Prefecture / Toyama Prefecture / Shizuoka Prefecture / Yamanashi Prefecture / Nagano Prefecture / Aichi Prefecture /Gifu Prefecture/Mie Prefecture/Osaka Prefecture

Aomori Prefecture / Iwate Prefecture / Akita Prefecture / Miyagi Prefecture / Wakayama Prefecture / Shiga Prefecture / Nara Prefecture / Kyoto Prefecture / Hyogo Prefecture / Okayama Prefecture / Hiroshima Prefecture / Tottori Prefecture / Shimane Prefecture / Yamaguchi Prefecture

Kagawa prefecture / Tokushima prefecture / Ehime prefecture / Kochi prefecture / Fukuoka prefecture / Saga prefecture / Nagasaki prefecture / Oita prefecture / Kumamoto prefecture / Miyazaki prefecture / Kagoshima prefecture / Hokkaido

Okinawa Prefecture

*If additional shipping charges are required for remote islands or some areas, we will contact you after placing your order.
We will ship to Okinawa Prefecture using Yu-Pack.


Shipping is possible for a flat rate of 400 yen nationwide.
It will be mailed to the post.

Depending on the size of the product, the shipping method may be automatically set, but if you wish, please contact us as we can change to Sagawa Express.
If you order multiple items, they may not fit within 2.5cm in thickness.
In that case, please note that the item will be delivered by Sagawa Express.