How to care for your felt hat

This season's most popular Velor Fedra Hat is
A folded hat made from a bristly rabbit velor hat body.
This item has a luxurious feel and will complement your autumn/winter outfits.
Just like shoes and bags, if you choose a good hat,
Even if the other items are casual, they won't ruin the quality of your outfit.
Hats are especially eye-catching items around the face, so
I would like to recommend that you wear something good, even if it's a little extravagant.
Because it is a good hat, we want you to use it for a long time.
This time I would like to introduce how to take care of it.
Due to the characteristics of the material, felt hats are prone to dust.
Even though I thought it was a little dusty, I left it alone.
It gets tangled in the hair and becomes difficult to remove.
Frequent brushing is the key to keeping your hair in good condition for a long time.
All you need is a hat care brush like the one in the photo.
If you search for ``hat brush,'' it will also appear on search sites.
After using the hat, follow the flow of the hair.
Please brush gently.
I thought it would be easy and ended up using strong adhesive tape, etc.
Although the dust attached to the surface can be removed, the dust that has gotten into the bristles cannot be removed.
Please be careful as the adhesive material may transfer to the hat and make it more susceptible to dust.
As you use it, it will become familiar with your shape,
They will grow attached to you, so please enjoy their hat life while raising them.

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