How to store hats

It is useful for wearing a lot during the season, and it is time to store it in the off-season.
We will tell you the recommended storage method.
First, put a rolled up paper or towel inside the hat, shape it, and dry it well in the shade.
It is important to get it in shape at the first stage.

Next, prepare a piece of cardboard that is slightly longer than the height of the crown of the hat, and roll it up into a tube.

Place the crown part into the tube and store it upside down.

By doing so, the brim part does not touch the floor and deformation of the brim can be minimized.

If you don't have a large non-woven bag, put something like insect repellent in there and cover it with a 45L transparent bag.

If you have a lot of hats, you can place a piece of cardboard about 5 cm between each hat to prevent the hats from deforming and not compressing the size of the stacked hats.
Stacked on vinyl.

Please take the time to store it and use it again next year!

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