How to wrap your scarf like a hairband

At marihoja, we recommend using a scarf as a turban when wearing simple clothes.
Please enjoy arranging your turban with your own scarves.
Let's start with an explanation of the scarf.
The one on the right is an Indian silk scarf.
It's soft, thin, and easy to curl, so it's easy to wrap.
The pattern is clearly visible on the back, so you can use it without worrying about the front or back.
However, it's a little thin so it's hard to add volume.
The one on the left is a polyester scarf.
The back side of this one is white, so you have to be careful with the front and back, but it creates volume and has a good balance.
We recommend a square scarf with a size of approximately 60 cm or more.
Today I'm going to try using a polyester scarf.
First, tuck the top and bottom corners inward like this.
Fold it towards the center so that it is approximately 10cm wide.
Let's finally tie it.
As a preparation, if you have long hair, make a bun around the nape of your neck.
It will be easier later if you remove any stray hairs first.
Pass the scarf under the bun and lift it up to the top of your head.
Cross the scarf around the hairline of your bangs and bring the right side to the right and the left side back to the left.
The scarf is twisted around the hairline.
Bring the end towards the nape of your neck.
Tie and secure the remaining part near the nape of your neck.
If you are concerned about the knot, hide it by tucking it into the thicker part.
All you have to do is check the balance and adjust the thickness etc. and you're done.
The point is the trailing hair. I think many people are concerned that without this, their face will look too obvious.
The trend is to have a slightly thick turban-like look that covers half of your ears.
I think it's cute even if you don't put it in a bun and tie it up, or even if you curl your hair a little!
There's also a silk version! This one doesn't give much volume, but it's easy to tie tightly.
Find your favorite scarf and enjoy wearing a scarf turban.
At marihoja, you can't do this in the morning! We also carry products that can be turned into scarves and turbans just by attaching them.
Please check them out too ♡

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