Original Sunglass Luludi

Original Sunglass Luludi
Based on vintage sunglasses,
Sunglasses made from marihoja's original mold.
Even now that masks have become our daily routine, it is easy to maintain balance.
Available in 5 colors, from basic to playful colors.
Available in unisex.

Our products are produced in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, the holy land of glasses.

●Ultraviolet transmittance 1% or less (UV400)
UV protection is kneaded into the material, not a coating.
Ultraviolet rays that enter through the eyes create spots on the skin,
Wearing sunglasses on a regular basis will also help prevent stains.
●Visible light transmittance (visible glare)
Marble Brown 20%
Marble Gray/
Clear Pink×Green lens 56%
Milk Beige×Blue lens 71%
Clear×Yellow lens 83%

●Lens material CR39
Made of high-quality plastic that has the same specifications as eyeglass lenses, so there is little distortion.
This lens is about half the weight of a glass lens and has excellent impact resistance.

●Lens curve 4 curvesIt
is a small curve for sunglasses, but it is the same standard as ordinary glasses,
They can be replaced with prescription lenses at an optician.

●Frame material Plastic
Acetate Cotton-derived plastic Acetate is originally made from plant fibers.
Even though it is called "resin", it is not a chemical fiber.
For vegetable fibers made from cotton and high-purity pulp

The material is gentle on the skin, has few allergies, and is environmentally friendly.
The core material and hinges are made of nickel silver alloy.

① Lens width: 46mm
②Bridge width: 24mm
③Temple width: 143mm
When using, please visit your local optical store.
You can adjust it to your own size to make it more comfortable.

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