Mercado Bag Sofia (Yellow)


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Mercado Bag Sofia (Yellow)
Mercado Bag Sofia (Yellow)

Mercado bags are handmade in Guatemala using recycled plastic.
Mercado bag means "market bag" and is used for everyday shopping at the market.

The material is plastic, so it can be washed with water.
It is recommended not only for everyday use but also as a beach bag.

This size can be used as a large tote bag.
Recommended for pool bags, beach bags, and overnight trips.

Height 29cm x Width 35cm Depth 17cm
Handle length approximately 56cm

*This product is a handmade folk craft, so there may be slight differences.
There may be some parts that are rougher than Japanese products.
Please enjoy them as a taste of folk crafts.

Mercado Bag Sofia (Yellow)
Mercado Bag Sofia (Yellow)