Mercado Bag Amaria


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Mercado Bag Amaria
Mercado Bag Amaria

Mercado bag arrived from Mexico.
It means "market bag" in Spanish, and it is a bag that is commonly used when shopping at authentic Mexican markets.

It is made of woven plastic string, so it can be washed with water.
It can also be used as a beach bag.
Colorful items attract the eye with their colors and patterns, and become a focal point for coordination.
The monochrome color is easy to match with your everyday outfit and can be used daily.

This size is similar to a tote bag, and can also be used as a work bag by storing documents, a PC, etc.

Size: H30cm W34cm Depth 13cm Handle length 38cm
Material: plastic

*This product is a handmade folk craft, so there may be slight differences.
Please enjoy them as a taste of folk crafts.

Mercado Bag Amaria
Mercado Bag Amaria