Active Knit Watch

Active Knit Watch
There are many types of knit hats this season, and many people may be confused.
This time, I would like to introduce you to this year's most popular knit item, the Active Knit Watch.
The Active Knit Watch was born last year when we went snowboarding and didn't have a knit hat to wear.

Of course for everyday use,
As the name suggests, this knit hat is recommended for those who enjoy winter outdoors and winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.
Why is it recommended for people who are active?
The inside is made of fleece material, so it won't stay in place and is very warm.

Another great thing about this knit is that it comes in many color variations.
It adds a touch of glamor to winter outfits, which tend to be dark due to down jackets.
Even though they are colored, they are made in colors that are easy to match with adult coordination.
It's too colorful and doesn't stand out.
Marihoja knit is particular about its appropriate thickness.
If the material is too thin, your face will stand out and your face will look larger.
The thickness of the knit makes your face look neat and has the effect of making your face smaller!








Find your favorite color and enjoy this winter♪

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