How to wear a knit hat

marihoja is making knitted hats this season as well.
It looks different depending on how you wear it, so
Here are some recommended ways to wear it.
This is the correct way to overlap, recommended by marihoja.

Wear it so that the opening is on the line that runs from your hairline to the top of your ears.
The key is to cover only the upper part of the ear, leaving the earlobe exposed.
Adding accessories that are a focal point at that time will make your outfit look feminine without being too casual.
This is an example of covering a little too deeply.

I'm sure you have your own preferences, so
That doesn't mean it's absolutely bad.
If you wear it too deep, the knit hat will make too much of an statement,
Your face will look dark.
This is an example of shallow coverage.

Depending on the balance of the size of your forehead,
I think some people may find it better to have a little hair at the hairline for a better balance.
If the cover is too shallow, it will fall off easily,
This will put extra weight on your back.
Knit caps, hair bands, hats,
Basically, the covering line is the same.

For those who prefer the hairline to be close to the hairline due to the shape of the face or the width of the forehead,
For those who would like to hide their hairline a little,
I think everyone's facial balance is different, so
Look in the mirror, find the best position, and enjoy the fall and winter fashion.

Knits don't suit you, hair bands don't suit you.
For those who say, depending on where you wear it and where you wear it,
The image will change completely
If you have any questions about how to wear it,
Please contact or DM on Instagram ♡

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