Corduroy Bucket

Corduroy Bucket
Corduroy Hat has been well received since its release.
There is a wire in the brim, so
You can keep the shape of the brim to your liking.
In addition, even after folding and carrying it, you can adjust it and put it on without worrying about wrinkles.

It looks like a bucket, but the brim is wider than the bucket, so
It's not too casual, but has a bit of elegance.

The color is orange, which is a focal point for coordination.
Just looking at the bright orange makes you feel energetic,
The coordination becomes brighter.

Green with a slightly dark tone.

This color is recommended for those who want to incorporate color but are reluctant to go too flashy.

Beige is easy to match with any outfit.

Match it with dark colored denim or coordinate with patterned items.
As it is a basic color, it is easy to match.
It is a color that is easy to incorporate into your daily coordination.

Lastly, here is our coordination.

Even without a meeting, we had the same atmosphere (lol)
If you incorporate it into a simple coordination such as old clothes and denim,
It instantly brightens up and changes your impression.

As the cold season approaches, adding a colored hat will make you feel bright and cheerful even on days when you're more concerned about keeping warm than fashion.

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