Recommended turbans for the rainy season

It's raining and damp every day,
I hope everyone is doing well.
It's been a long time since I updated my blog,
This time I would like to introduce some recommended turbans for the rainy season.

A few years ago, when you mentioned a turban, it made you look like you were just getting out of a bath.
It was thought that it would be a difficult item to wear because it would make you look like someone from another country.
Recently, the number of people wearing turbulence has increased, and I think they may have gained citizenship.

First of all, 2021SS recommended for beginners.
Cool Wide Turban ¥4,800(+tax)
Black/Icegray/Bronze (This color is no longer sold)

The material is 100% polyester.
It has a slightly cooling texture and a slight shine.
Standard products with the same shape and different materials
Beach Wide Hairband ¥4,500(+tax)

This is a matte rib material,
This is a popular product that is easy to use for casual attire and comes in different colors.
Both types tie at the back, so
It is available in one size fits all and is recommended for those who don't like tightening hair bands.

It has a suitable volume,
This item is easy for beginners to try.

There are a few tricks to wearing a turban.
We explain how to put on a hairband in the highlights of our Instagram stories, so
Please use this as a reference.

Every day is humid, and even if you curl your curls neatly, they may fall off, or curl up even after you set them.
For those who are tired of being damaged by humidity even when they put their hands on it,
Please try the turban style.

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