Primela Turban

Pripela Turban
Today I would like to introduce a new turban.
Pripela Turban

Prepera refers to knitting of thick threads and thin threads alternately to create a three-dimensional effect.
It's made from a blend of cotton and linen, so it has just the right amount of thickness and volume.
It's a turban that looks like it's simply wrapped around a turban.
It is shaped like a hair band, and the strings are crossed at the back and tied above the head.
At this time, if you have a long face, tie the knot closer to the back of the head than the center of the hairband.
If you are concerned about having a round face, bring the knot in the center to add height.
Color is Brown/Mustard/Charcoal
There are 3 colors.

All of the colors are easy to use, so I think many people are confused.
Not only can it be used on a daily basis, but it is also recommended to coordinate with swimwear in the upcoming season ♡
Our personal recommendation is Mustard, which has a nice pop of color.
It's not too flashy and becomes a focal point of your coordination.




It's easy to create a bun during the rainy season, so please give it a try.
We are introducing a video of how to roll it on our Instagram story.

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