Knit hat that can be used all year round

The hot summer is over, and we're looking forward to next year's summer hats that were so popular♡
If you store it properly, you can use it for a long time next year and the year after.
Please refer to how to store your hat .

And from now on, we recommend:
Edelweiss Knit Watch that can be used all year round.
This knit hat has good breathability and can be used regardless of the season.
The design has a crisp feel and a little room in the back.
Recommended not only for women but also for men.
Among the colors, red is the most popular.
Even though it is called Red, it is knitted with red and black threads, so
It doesn't give the impression of being bright red, but has a calming feel like burgundy.
It can also be used as an accent color for autumn/winter outfits, which tend to be dark.

Navy is also recommended for men.

The bluish navy will brighten up any coordination that tends to be dark.
It goes well with black, so it is also a recommended color for men.

Gray is a neutral color that is easy to match.
Gray is easy to use when black would be too dark and heavy.
This color is also recommended for those who often wear black outerwear.

Beige is recommended for those who often coordinate with white.

The calm beige color makes it easy to match with your coordination.
It's cute to wear with a shirt or to show off a little skin for a feminine look ♡
And the classic Black.

Because it's a simple black color, you want to be particular about its shape and ease of wearing.
It is also very popular among men.

This season, we are making these in 5 colors.
There are still sleeveless and short sleeve days in September and October, so
Light clothing and knitwear is a relaxed coordination that can only be done at this time of year.
This knit hat is recommended for those who sweat easily even in cold weather.
Of course, we have some warm knitwear this year as well♡
It will be released one after another from now on, so
Please look forward to it♪

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