Original Overall

Original Overall
Overalls are now in stock, and have been well-received by pre-orders.

We both like overalls, so we collect them when we find second-hand clothes.
I can't seem to find the ideal size, so I keep adjusting and fixing them as I wear them.
We created overalls that are filled with our ideals.

If you wear old clothes that are oversized, you will end up wearing men's sizes, so
Many of them are too long, too thick, or too big.
marihoja's overalls have just the right amount of room for adults to wear in a relaxed manner.
It has just the right amount of room around the waist so you can enjoy it not only when wearing thin innerwear in spring and summer, but also during the sweat and knit seasons.

Ball wash processing and biowash processing are performed at a long-established processing factory in Japan, so
Although it is a single color, it has the depth of old clothes.
There is a pocket on the belly where you can put your cell phone or a pen.
You may not have a chance to put a pen in it, but it is also convenient to put lipstick etc.

Women don't actually use it, but it has a button fly, so
The more you wear it, the more it will start to wear out, giving it the feel of second-hand clothing.
In the summer, we also recommend coordinating with a summer hat ♡
The customers who had made reservations wanted something like this! !
Thank you very much for your kind words.
There aren't many, but we'll continue to want them! We would like to introduce it in a form.
marihoja original Overall

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